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June 1965
Last Name First M IDNO
Sanders Davy G 2077217
Sanderson Gary F 2101240
Schanuel David A 2085770
Schmidt Martin J 2076522
Schneider Leroy J 2042469
Schubert Gregory T 2032262
Sear Thomas H 2126916
Sexton Joe W 2101443
Shaklee James R 1136828
Smith John A 2101411
Smith Timothy A 2049617
Soda William R 1930955
Spirou William R 2095907
Squire Alonzo 2094563
Stapleton Robert L 2106442
Swentkofske Daniel B 2108374
Sylestine Lowell D 2081418
Taboada Adolfo A 2097998
Tanguay Alan M 2108051
Thom Thomas S 2122081
Thomas Robert S 2121079
Thompson Robert J 2107486
Tierney Charles G 2037261
Tyler Jimmie A 1987582
Underwood Claud M 2097337
Vidalmendez Angel M 1287576
Villanueva Alfredo J 2080323
Waldon John J 2042418
Wallin Craig G 2094173
Washington Milton L 2065193
Weissinger John W 2035238
Wells Lloyd F 2087594
West Eugene R 2103249
Widlarz Fred 2022043
Wilkey David W 2093881
Williamson Wenfe M 1480116
Witte Robert F 1873002

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