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April 1966
Last Name First MI IDNO
Byrd William L 088790
Cali Paul V 090262
Lingenfelter Wayne M 085721
Abbott John C 2010435
Allen Jerry L 1892161
Armstrong Lyle D 2041771
Arp John E 2036086
Barnes Van J 2012442
Barone Robert T 2031191
Barrick John H 2029460
Barton Michael G 2061417
Behrend Raymond E 1656697
Bell Joseph 2023751
Bell Kenneth J 2043516
Bennett Marshall L 1812501
Bess Robert W 2073094
Beyers Terry A 2164233
Bittner Thomas B 2107559
Boyd Emmet F 2076482
Bradford James R 2081473
Bradshaw Raymond J 2037519
Brock Thomas A 2038917
Brown Arley D 2103304
Burwell Wayne R 2031194
Byrd Leonard 2032813
Byrne Gerald P 207_ _66
Cahilly Charles W 1824675
Carey Joseph P 2094665
Carnell John L 2036126
Carpenter John S 2023805
Carson David W 2036321
Catarella Anthony S 2029543
Catlett Vernon L 2017261
Cayetano Ronald K 2112141
Cook Robert C 1982372
Cox Donald R 2152262
Culver Dale E 2108063
Curry Larry R 2085573
Cutler Larry D 2038967
Demartin Thomas D 2106839
Dominguez Jose T 2097964
Dover William D 2097996
Dunomes Jerry R 2094383
Edwards Erich W 1885684
Field Grant B 2096431
Foote George E 2087808
Foreman Allen 2099922

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