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December 1966
Last Name First M IDNO
Lawrence Francis M 2142243
Lee Richard K 2076871
Lee Robert E 1988821
Lewis R G 2195508
Longino Stuart F 2110718
Lopez Juan L 2067736
Lynch Alfred L 2246267
Mahoney John J 2104273
Martinez Alonzo H 2190307
Martino Joseph R 2222297
McCarthy Edward C 2148863
McNeese Bobby L 1435177
Merson John C 2154896
Miller Joseph . 1412528
Moore John H 2168171
Moreau Ronald F .
Morris Gary F 2030185
Mushett Douglas M 1897027
Neilon Michael J 2117605
Nichols Edward E 2188148
Norton Raymond A 2076150
Olesen Craig O 2215958
O Malley Stephan E 2098397
Parrish Dallas R 2199507
Peake Raymond F 2279318
Perdue Fred 2154123
Perrone Alfred 2243999
Presley Maxie L 2147387
Price Columbus 2107900
Pridemore Alvin B 1682786
Quinton Harley W 2258255
Randolph Daniel L 2248051
Restivo Charles A 2112698
Retman Gustav A 2197096
Rexrode Darrell A 2130746
Rice Benjamin F 2159593
Rickards Rodman R 2144734
Rollins James E 2109480
Ronne Harry C 2191561
Roulier Russell R 2221013
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