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February 1966
Last Name First M IDNO
Gibeaut Maurice J 1819105
Goodwin James L 2098393
Graden James E 2094632
Grant William B 2094759
Green Larry J 2096592
Griffith Michael E 2114496
Gunderson Dalton B 2108431
Gustis Robert E 2099834
Haines Peter B 2112609
Halsey Jackie L 1828321
Haney Steven M 2090350
Harper Larry E 2114775
Hazeldahl Loren L 2024702
Hinman Donald D 2102862
Hoff Jerry E 2109805
Hogan Paul J 2102808
Holdridge Billy B 1490432
Holland David L 2036442
Hudson Gary M 2043747
Huff Marion F 2022199
Inks Earl L 1986563
Janzan Russel A 1963180
Johnson Russell C 1951915
Johnston Robert P 2090293
Jones Alton C 2093117
Jones John M 2097362
Jones Ronald G 2116025
Jordan Thomas M 2106962
Joseph Ernest H 2043500
Ketzeback Jerome W 2129513
Knaub Harvey E 1990735
Lambert James T 2098915
Landis Bruce R 2128952
Leftwich John E 2024806
Lidey Ronald E 2099948
Little Allan B 1457957

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