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February 1966
Last Name First M IDNO
Manzubat Victor J 1644934
Martin Edward 2076423
McCormick John L 2025511
McNamee Francis J 2099831
Medler William P 2076524
Mejia Jose H 1581607
Mester Dennis F 2107143
Mielnik John 2076383
Morales Paul 2094777
Morris Clifton L 2054298
Morrow Albert 2097748
Murphy Richard F 1992033
Nelson Emer F 2095929
Newman Randall K 2090800
Northcutt Donald L 2033614
Onderco Stephen M 2108373
Pawson Donald 2031617
Pennington Joseph D 2122166
Perry Michael J 2022062
Pickett Starlord V 1623495
Pilgrim Donald R 2034044
Pippins James 2022019
Pitoniak Robert E 2104693
Plevyak Albert 530231
Porter Floyd L 2043512
Rich Leonard 1515850
Richey Phillip D 2131703
Rodriguez Juan R 2102035
Rogers Curtis W 2042440
Ryan William N 1569084

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