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February 1967
Last Name First MI IDNO
Gaertner George W 2134252
Gambill Clarence T 2285234
Garner Andrew J 2277665
Gee James E 2065237
Gilleo Wil G 2205506
Gillispie Lucion 2188044
Goforth Bernard W 2176812
Goodwyn Thomas 2145067
Green Elmo L 2233531
Green Leslie I 2233122
Gregory Sherley W 2241646
Gresham James L 2115774
Griswold Larry J 22_ _301
Harville James G 2259194
Heath Michael M 2212715
Henderson William (Jr) V 2200871
Hernandez Serapi 2110513
Hernandez Jose 2234834
Higgason Thomas J 2045338
Hillebrand Gregory M 2300667
Hinton Johnny L 22_0663
Hockenberry Marvin L 21_5202
Hodge Glen T 2110904
Hollins Gerald W 2273571
Holm Robert C 2242045
Holman Jimmy R 2136396
Hoopaugh Charles A 2255922
Hoots Richard M 2206369
Hurd Daniel E 2303570
Hurlock Curtis W 1586558
Jackson George W 2156260
Jackson Jesse W 2110786
Jacobs Timothy W 2229192
Jeffries Robert G 2104200
Jenkins Christopher B 2204257
Jennings Robert D 2126820
Johnson Bobby J 2311850
Johnson James N 2229240
Johnson Randall J 2294052
Johnston W D 2207613
Jones Joe H 1912828
Jones Kenneth M 2228357
Ked_ ior Ronald J 2322605
King Clarence H 2268095
Koenig Charles H 2256270
Koljonen George A 2130444

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