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February 1967
Last Name First MI IDNO Other Information
Sanchez Mike 915743
Saris James D 2116013
Sharp Lee P 2187866
Simmons Stephen D 2150883
Slater Roger A 2102989
Smith George T 2184970
Smith James T 2160204
Smith Linwood L 2195118
Smith Robert A 2232748
Smith Scott V 2257726
Soliz Raymond 2213167
Sowell William F 2300748
Specht Robert W 2178510
Stephens Bing F 2085857
Summers Milton E 2210830
Summy Roger E 2197303
Sutterfield Robert F 2093360
Sutton Jay L 2192469
Swalec Robert A 2205352
Szczerbinski Eugene J 2116622
Temple Rodney M 2106397
Terry Howard 2187567
Thompson Floyd E 1639451
Tigert James M 2115436
Torres Antonio 2164605
Torres Felix C 1383958
Townsend Henry L 224_094
Trefren Joseph J 2286294
Trivett Robert A 2233504
Tucker Marvin L 2180151
Tyler Joseph C 2133118
Urquidez Mike V 2126672
VanDyke John R 2223692
Verville Richard E 2114629
Vinson Walter W 2223113
Voss Marvin R 2296170
Walker Richard C 2284071
Waltz Robert M 2144753
Wartman James C 2192457
Washington Vince E 2212379
Wasik Douglas M 2137023
Waters Henry L 1940262
Wheeler Charles E 2114532
White William J 1584171 Scratched out
Wilkinson Charles E 2012594
Williams Alphonzo 2172067
Wonder Michael L 2114139
Wright Donald E 2208593
Wynne Frederick L 2239930
Wynne Larry B 2178781
Ynclan Kenneth A 2221196
Young William R 2244622

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