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Photo # One submitted by Dave Demarest 65/66.

Dave Demarest and the bunch from 1965! From the left:
Dave Demarest-Vernon Catlett-Bardot-John Smith-
James Bradford-Gustis-Boyd- Melnik
Photo # Two submitted by Dave Demarest 65/66.

From the left are:
Tony Catarella (guns)
Curt Rogers (rockets)
Dave Demarest (rockets)

Photo # Three submitted by Dave Demarest 65/66.

Vern (Gypsy) Catlett and the band. Hong Kong.
Can't see Gypsy, he is behind the jukebox!
Photo # Four submitted by Donald Hinman 65/66!

1st Squad Leader-Guns. Manuel Carvalho.

Operation Starlite
Weapons Platoon!
Third Platoon!
Chu Lai
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