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Nam tour of Ken Gould, 66/67.
Photo # Eleven
1st Sgt at 1st Marine Division in DaNang. January 1967.

Photo # Twelve
Cpl. Duncon (from Mass) Lima Co. in Vietnam. He was with us with 3rd Bn, 2nd Marines on the USS Monrovia APA 31 on the 3-65 Med Cruise.

Photo # Thirteen
Kilo Co. on Hill 10, December 1966. Marble Mountain can be seen in the background.

Photo # Fourteen
The sun going down on Hill 37 (Dai Loc) 1967

Photo # Fifteen
Hill 37 on the old French Fort. Cpl Wayne Kenny on the radio, the battalion XO in the rear. Charlie Ridge in the background.

Photo # Sixteen
Hill 37 on the French Fort. Checking out the Comm gear.

Photo # Seventeen
Hill 37, tent GP living quarters and one of the shower points.

Photo # Eighteen
Picture of the Comm Jeep, taken from the French Fort.

Photo # Nineteen
Comm in an old French bunker. Sgt on the radio.

Photo # Twenty
Me standing in front of a "Two Holer" which was blown over by choppers rotor wash on Hill 37.

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