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Nam tour of Ken Gould, 66/67.
Photo # Twenty-One
Cpl. Kenny and LCpl Horn grabassing on my rack.
Short timer calendar on the wall.  H&S Co. Comm Plt. Hill 37.

Photo # Twenty-two
Me kicking back on my rubber lady on Hill 37 in the Comm GP tent. Would you believe I  was watching TV?

Photo # Twenty-three
Cpl Wayne Kenny reading a letter from home on Hill 37. May or June 1967, not the "goodie" box under his rack, he always got them.

Photo # Twenty-four
LCpl Horn on a "Three Holer" with "luxury ass wipe" on Hill 37.

Photo # Twenty-five
UH34's land on Hill 37, 1967. Note the two holer to the right of the LZ. Not a place to be in when the choppers land or take off.

Photo # Twenty-six
Cpl Ben Rice in the center of the photo. We were south of DaNang in a 6X.

Photo # Twenty-seven
Choppers (UH 34's) in the Arizona Territory.

Photo # Twenty-eight
LCpl Horn watching the action in the Arizona from an OP.

Photo # Twenty-nine
Choppers (UH 34's) going in on Operation Arizona. In the background the Que Son Mountains.

Photo # Thirty
HE artillery fire in the Arizona.

Photo # Thirty-one
Trying to stay cool in the shade while we watch artillery in the Arizona.

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