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Nam tour of Ken Gould, 66/67.
Photo # Thirty-Two
Me on a PRC-25 during Operation Arizona. I was the Battalion Radioman for LtCol. J.D. Counselman.

Photo # Thirty-three
Cpl. Kenny smoking, the XO on his knee's and the CO Lt. Col. Counselman looking at a map.

Photo # Thirty-four
Left to Right
Cpl. Kenny,
Battalion XO,
LCpl Horn with the hand set,
the CO with the .45

Photo # Thirty-five
M48A1 to the rescue. Sure beats walking but it is hot!!

Photo # Thirty-six
Me in front of a M48A1 from 1st Tank Bn in the Arizona. Que Son Mountains in the background.

Photo # Thirty-seven
Two CH46's in dry paddies. It was very hot on this operation five day's before going back to "The World"!

Photo # Thirty-eight
Hill 37, 1967 the CG of the 1st Marine Division and the CO, Lt. Col. Counselman with the Sgt. Maj. in the rear going to the front of the CP which was the Old French Fort.

Photo # Thirty-nine
Hill 37, 1967 the CG of the 1st Marine Division and the Bn CO preparing to meet the troops for an award ceremony.

Photo # Forty
The General meeting the troops and presenting awards.

Photo # Forty-one
3/7 CP on Hill 37 with the colors and troops lined up for awards presentations.

Photo # Forty-two
Hill 37 with main part of the French Fort in the background. Awards presentation.

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