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Photos sent by Tom Harmon.

Nam tour of Tom Harmon, 1970.

Photo # Eleven:

Tom Harmon Stand-down of 3/7
Oct. 1970

Photo # Twelve:
I think this is Hippie

Photo # Thirteen:
Can't remember this brother's name.
Please let me know if you do.
Ross or Ryder

Photo # Fourteen:
Doc Shorty corpsman 3rd Plt.
Kilo 3/7 Sept 1970.
Does anyone know his real name?

Photo # Fifteen:
Tom Harmon and local kid
during road security duty
3rd plt guns Kilo 3/7
Sept 1970.

Photo # Sixteen:
3rd plt guns Kilo 3/7,
Hill 270,
Oct, 1970

Photo # Seventeen:
Ken Waggoner, road security duty
3rd plt guns Kilo3/7
Sept 1970

Photo # Eighteen:
DK and Doc Shorty taking care
of a local kid
Sept. 1970

Photo # Nineteen:
Ken Waggoner w/ some local kids.
Sept 1970

Photo # Twenty:
Hill 270 3rd plt Kilo 3/7
Oct 1970

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