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Photos sent by Tom Harmon.

Nam tour of Tom Harmon, 1970.

Photo # Twenty-One:

Stine and DJ.
Stand-down of 3/7.
Oct. 1970

Photo # Twenty-Two:
Larry Waycoff and Will Hardesty.
3rd plt Kilo 3/7.
Oct. 1970

Photo # Twenty-Three:
Ken Waggoner, Larry Waycoff
FSB Ryder
3rd plt guns
Sept 1970

Photo # Twenty-Four:
Taken in the snack-bar
at the USO? at Freedom Hill,
DaNang Oct. 1970.
Confirms 1970 203,
long range Don Wilson
1800 meters

Photo # Twenty-Five:
Tom Harmon and Larry Waycoff
during Stand-down of 3/7
Oct 1970

Photo # Twenty-Six:
Harmon, Trails, Lee
Indiana, Unknown
Stand-down of 3/7
DaNang Oct. 1970

Photo # Twenty-Seven:
Trails, Carrol, Waggoner,
DK and Doc Shorty
3rd Plt.
Sept. 1970

Photo # Twenty-Eight:
No description?

Photo # Twenty-Nine:
Harry Stratton
3rd plt
LZ Ross or FSB Ryder
Oct 1970

Photo # Thirty:
Trails and Doc Shorty,
taking care of some local kids
Sept. 1970

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