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Photo # Forty-two: 1/68, Golden Gate Bridge
Left to Right:
Dennis Lords,
George Easterley,
Peter Lovan,
Melvin Turner,
Standing: Donald Bryan Olsen, KIA February 12, 1968

Photo # Forty-three:
1/68 Hill 55
Donald Bryan Olsen, KIA February 12, 1968

Photo # Forty-four: 6/28/68
Leaving DaNang for Hawaii R & R

Photo # Forty-five:
R & R Orders

Photo # Forty-six:
Summer 68, An Hoa, 106 Recoiless Rifle

Photo # Forty-seven:
Unknown Troops, 2/68, Road sweep, Ambush Row, Hill 55 to Hill 37,

Photo #  Forty-eight:
2/68, Hill 37, Saddling Up

Photo #  Forty-nine:
Short-timers letter

Photo #  Fifty:
Short-timers calendar

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