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Photo # One provided by Donald Hinman 1965/66
Playing War Games in camp Los Pulgas, who are they?
"We were the "aggressor's" guerrilla force, that served as the "enemy" forces against the Kilo Company forces. We were sent out in advance of the company, with rations of only a large piece of salami, and a large hunk of cheese, and our job was to live off the land and ambush the company every chance we could, and escape back across the "border" where the company could not cross to get to us.  We kicked the company's ass so bad for 5 days and nights, that we pissed off the company commander, and the only way they were able to defeat us was to "cheat" and cross the "border" and attacked us right at daybreak while we were sleeping, but even at that, they didn't catch us off guard, so in reality, they NEVER DID beat us! LOL!!! (oh yeah, the first sargent refused to give us "aggresor's" our liberty cards that weekend!)"
Written by Vernon "Gypsy" Catlett 1965/66.

Standing left to right: E.F. Boyd, Vernon Catlett, T.B.Bittner, L. Cox, Gustis
Kneeling left to right: Hogan, Jordan

Photo # Two provided by Donald Hinman 65/66.

Standing left to right

SSgt. Barranger,
Sgt. C. Cahilly

Photo # Three provided by Donald Hinman 65/66.

David Lewis, 65/66.

Operation Starlite
Weapons Platoon!
Third Platoon!
Chu Lai
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