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Photo # One provided by Charles Koenig 66/67,
Left to Right:  Unknown, Ira Dubois, Raymond Norton, Charles Koenig, Unknown, Ernest Baringer.

Submitted by Charles Koenig 66/67

Photo # Two provided by Charles Koenig 66/67,
Typical scenery.  Charles Koenig standing on levy of a rice paddy.

Submitted by Charles Koenig 66/67

Photo # Three provided by Charles Koenig 66/67,
Charles Koenig again on a big rock!

Submitted by Charles Koenig 66/67

Photo #  Four  provided by Tom Higgason  66/67,
January or February of 1967 at Operation Desoto!
Left to right:
Chuck Restivo,
Tom Higgason,
John Merson Apr. 1966
Sometime 1966
Spring 1966
DucPho 1966
DucPho 1966 Page Two
Sometime 1966/67
Operation DeSoto
Operation Jackson and more
South of DaNang
DeSoto and Jackson
DeSoto and Jackson Page Two
DeSoto and Jackson Page Three

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