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"If but only this day, this one perfect day, my life will be equal to any man's, regardless his age."

Author unknown.

For our Brothers in Arms who have fallen since!

Name Date Details
Anderson, Dennis January 07, 2004 Heart Attack, COPD
Brucker, Edward K. Before 1980 Auto Accident
Bussey, Walter February 23, 2004 Respiratory failure and arrhythmia
Carpenter, John S. Jr. July 22, 1995 Heart Attack
Decker, James October 28, 2008 Orophanegal Cancer
Gibeaut, Maurice June 15, 2003
Gould, Ken December 24, 2003 Leukemia
Gunderson, Dalton September 02, 2000 Cancer
Helwig, William A. 2001 Heart Attack
Henry, Gary L. Around 1989 Heart Attack
Knutton, Tracy 'Doc' December 28, 2004 Liver Cancer
Lynn, Robert December 14, 2001 Prostate Cancer
McGarvin, Leroy June, 2002 Heart Attack
Medley, Ben 'Doc' October 2006
Ototivo, Timothy September 26, 2004 Heart Attack
Refner, Patrick 1978 Completed Suicide
Restivo, Chuck October 9, 2004
Rossi, Michael __________________ _________________________
Runk, Merrill __________________ _________________________
Salazar, Bernie November 16, 1978 Line of Duty - Police Officer
Sullivan, John L. November 27, 1994 Heart Attack
Sutterfield, Robert F. February 26, 2001
Sylestine, Lowell D. November 4, 1995 Complications of Diabetes
Trafford, Ralph Novermber 07, 2005 Embolism
Will, William November 2003 Pancreatic Cancer
'Til the last landing's made,
And we stand unafraid
On that shore
Which no mortal has seen.
'Til the last bugle call
Sounds taps for us all,
Semper Fidelis,

Lt. Col. Burnham

"Semper Fidelis 7th Marines"
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers,
for he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother."